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Modular Solar Panel System

WATTwalls™ — Bringing solar to whole new places.

WATTwalls™ opens up previously unavailable real state to the solar industry and building owners – exterior walls. WATTwalls™ are ideal for south facing walls on warehouses, parking lot structures, office parks, and a wide variety of other buildings. The WATTwalls™ system is extremely easy to install and is competitive with any roof-top installation.  It is also a great way to supplement existing roof top arrays, and offers building owners - (who might not have been able to do roof-top or parking lot) a viable and powerful solar system option.
The design advance, which WATTwalls™ represents, is made possible by the revolutionary “non-flat”, all inclusive (each module has it’s own inverter and support structure) panel innovation of the WATTLOTS LiteBeams™.
WATTwalls™ are proudly made and assembled in the USA.

Unique Benefits of the WATTwalls™

LB270-AC modules with integrated micro-inverters
Plug and play connectivity for additional electrical devices
Simple track mounting system
WATTwalls™ are sold in sections to simplify installation
It's not an assessable capital improvement
Light-weight for ultimate construction efficiency
Adaptable design to enable the incorporation of emerging technologies
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WattWalls™ Technical Spec sheet
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