Like nothing else under the sun 

The WattLots Team

Like no one else under the sun

William E.S. Kaufman, AIA - Founder/CEO
Mr. Kaufman founded WESKetch Architecture, Inc, a multimillion dollar multi-disciplined professional design and construction practice in 1996. He has received numerous awards including “Architect of the Year” and “Top 40 Entrepreneurs under the age of 40” and is New Jersey’s first LEED™ accredited architect. He received a Bachelor of Architecture from the New Jersey School of Architecture, NJIT.
Tom Russell, PhD - Chief Technology Officer
Tom’s early career was devoted to the development of solar cell technology. He has extensive experience in electronic circuit design and control systems and holds four patents. Dr. Russell received his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering with a concentration in photovoltaics from Brown University and an MS in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University.

Chris Connor - Director Corporate Development
Mr. Connor spent the past 40 years providing business planning/development and information management services to companies and clients ranging in size from AT&T, NJIT and Columbia University to small companies including Telog Technologies and Reva Green and currently focuses on renewable energy. He holds a BS Chemical Engineering from the University of Southern California and a MSBA in Operations Management from the Anderson School at the University of California at Los Angeles.

William Jungermann- SVP Sales
With over 25 years experience in sales, William’s expertise spans a variety of industries including consumer products (Pepsi), office technology (Xerox) and Telecommunications (Time Warner, Cox Communications, Charter Communications). William has worked at the Director and VP level for Fortune 500 companies as well as with start-ups and medium-sized businesses. William has utilized his expertise in building sales organizations to help young companies scale their operations and rapidly accelerate revenue growth. William is on the Board of Trustees for Community Earth, based in Morristown, NJ and has a long history of serving on non-profit boards and community organizations. William has a B.A. in Political Science from Arizona State University.