Like nothing else under the sun 

WattLots Partners

Like no one else under the sun


NJIT and WATTLOTS have signed a memo of understanding to create a solar power laboratory in a joint effort to develop new solar energy technologies, applications and related products and services.  This leverages and combines their individual funding resources and research facilities, and permits WATTLOTS to commercialize jointly developed products and services.

Wesketch Architecture, Inc.

WattLots is collocated with the Wesketch Architecture, Inc and its affiliated entities facilities and provides, design, administrative and related services.

CST Covers

Conservatek Industries Inc provides exclusive engineering manufacturing and fabrication services of the Power Arbor™ superstructure. CST has locations throughout North America providing strong optimization of distribution.

Sigma Design

Sigma Design Company specializes in solving obstacles that delay new products, specialty machinery and engineered systems development. Experts in the commercialization of technology, Sigma provides cost-effective engineering, manufacturing and laboratory services in the areas of electronics, filtration and separation technologies, food and beverage, medical and surgical devices, marine/offshore environmental systems, and renewable energy tidal and solar projects.


Noveda Technologies is an innovative leader in real-time, web-based energy and water monitoring. The company’s hardware, software and consulting services help reduce energy and water usage, optimize performance of renewable energy systems, and reduce the carbon footprint for customers across commercial, retail, government, education, and utility sectors. Noveda also offers sustainability communication tools that leverage social media to educate and empower stakeholder communities and make the smart grid a reality today. The company has users in over 33 countries with offices in the US, UK, India and Israel.