Like nothing else under the sun 

Power Arbor™

Solar Parking Lot Canopy System

The WATTLOTS Power Arbor’s™
unique design solves a number of issues which currently plague conventional parking lot solar structures – from aesthetics to efficiency. As a uniquely styled, parking lot canopy system that is specifically designed to retrofit existing surface parking lots, the Power Arbor will provide substantial quantities of clean, renewable electrical energy near the source of demand where it is needed.

Unlike other parking lot solar structures, Power Arbors™ incorporate built-in communications capabilities, which enable them to relay real-time data to WATTLOTS engineers, so as to improve system monitoring and management. Another unique feature that greatly increases energy gathering efficiency is that the Power Arbors™ rotate to follow the sun. In addition, their open-air design does not collect snow like a flat panel system, making it perfect for Northern locations.

Also, unlike any other parking lot system, the WATTLOTS Power Arbors™ have been designed to incorporate a number of additional “plug-in” features-including a highly sophisticated marketing platform, security, lighting and charging station options.

The design advance, which The Power Arbor represents, is made possible by the revolutionary “non-flat”, all inclusive (each module has it’s own inverter and support structure), panel innovation of the WATTLOTS LiteBeams™.

LiteBeams™ use today’s most reliable and efficient solar technology, silicon mono-crystalline cells, to provide the maximum output per Power Arbor™.

Power Arbors™ are proudly made and assembled in the USA.


Unique Benefits of the Power Arbor™


Technical specs

Plug and play connectivity for alternate electronic devices
Slew gear tracking mechanism with 24v DC motor drive
Adjustable solar elevation positioning options for specific latitude
Electronic communication interface- Ethernet connectivity
48 LB270-AC modules with integrated micro-inverters with individual real time monitoring capability
Proximity marketing and couponing opportunities
EV charging station, security monitoring, closed circuit camera and LED lighting options
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Power Arbor™ Technical Spec sheet
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