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Innovative Zero-Energy Lighting Solutions

The WATTLOTS StreetWatts™ Solar Powered Street Light

StreetWatt™ is a fully integrated zero energy light fixture that can attach to any standard existing light pole. StreetWatt is an off-grid battery powered fixture with an integrated photovoltaic solar panel used to charge the battery. StreetWatt™ fixtures provide an affordable and instant solution anywhere overhead light is needed, even without access to electricity. This makes them ideal for remote parking lots, walkways, parks, ball fields and recreational facilities. StreetWatt fixtures are fully dimmable and programmable and can provide lighting for up to 5 days without recharging.

STREETbeam™ is a slightly more compact fixture equipped with a two way communication grid tied micro-inverter which provides more annual energy than the fixture consumes creating an immediate positive return on investment from day one. STREETbeams™ have the capability to provide emergency alerting communication, safety and security lighting, traffic signal control and WI-FI even when the gird goes down making them an ideal solution for municipalities.

     STREETbeam™ Solar Powered Street Light 

♦    No Line Voltage or Electricians Needed
♦    No Power Outages or Blackouts
♦    Distributed Light - No single point of faliure
♦    Low Maintenance
♦    Better Light Quality
♦    Safe 12-Volt non-electrocution operation

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