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Solar Energy Module

The WATTLOTS LB-285AC LITEbeam™ Module

The WATTLOTS LB-270AC LITEbeam™ Module is a complete energy system. Its frame is constructed of high-strength, lightweight aluminum and can span a distance of 3 meters (about 10 feet) without additional structural support.

Each individual module is equipped with an Enphase Energy micro inverter and provides intelligence and fully networked communication right within the framework of the module. This feature allows for the adaption of additional electronic devices, such as lighting, security components, data collection receivers and other plug and play style equipment.

The LB-270AC is ideal for use in public spaces such as parking facilities, building integration, and other applications where traditional shape glass panels are not compatible. WATTLOTS modules, unlike traditional PV panels, do not have high voltage DC outputs and are much safer both during installation and operation. The AC output produced by the module is the same as what is found at any AC outlet.

LITEbeam™ LB-270AC Technical Spec sheet 
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