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Solar Parking Lot Canopy System

The WATTLOTS Ground Arbor™’s
unique design answers a number of issues, which currently plague conventional ground mount solar structures-from aesthetics to efficiency. As a uniquely styled, compact open air system that is specifically designed for installations on land fills and other sites with challenging environmental issues or topography, the Ground Arbor will provide substantial quantities of clean, renewable electrical energy at the source of demand where it is needed. with minimal visual impact and soil disturbance while allowing the free growth of ground vegetation. It single point mount system can adapt to virtually any terrain thus eliminating the need for grading and surface substrate preparation.

Unlike other ground mount solar structures, Wattlots Ground Arbors incorporate built-in communications capabilities, which make them capable to relay realtime data to WATTLOTS scientists, so as to improve system monitoring and management. In addition, The Ground Arbors have an option to rotate and follow the sun- another unique feature that greatly increases energy gathering efficiency. Its open-air design does not collect snow (where a flat panel system would negatively impacting efficiency), making it perfect for the Northeast Corridor. Snow accumulation can render standard arrays useless for several days following a snow event. Wattlots Ground Arbors provide on average an additional 3 days of operation over a typical flat mount system following each snow accumulation event. This can add up to 45 to even 60 days of additional operation each year depending on your climate. That means more power out put per year and more savings and profit for you.

Also, unlike most other ground mount systems, the WATTLOTS Ground Arbors have been designed to minimize ground penetrations. A non-tracking 14KW Arbor can be installed without penetrating the surface of the ground using our proprietary boot ballast footers. Tracking systems can yield up to 21,000kWh per year on a single 2’ diameter footing. That is about 75 footings for each 1MW of DC capacity. The design advance, which The Ground Arbor represents, is made possible by the revolutionary patented “non-flat”, all inclusive (each module has it’s own inverter and support structure), panel innovation of the WATTLOTS LITEbeams™. LITEbeams use today’s most reliable and efficient solar technology— silicon mono-crystalline cells— providing the highest power output -per area occupied.

Ground Arbor’s are proudly made and assembled in the USA.

Ground Arbor™ Technical Spec sheet
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